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The first one, An Interdisciplinary Conference on Kurdish Politics and Societies was convened in April 2018 at Yale University. The second one, Serbest Kurdish Studies Conference was organized by the Buffett Institute for Global Studies in June 2018, and sponsored by Metin Serbest, a Chicago-based Kurdish lawyer who hopefully will serve as a model for other Kurdish investors to support the advancement of the scholarly works on…



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By organizing curatorial exhibitions, the Serbest Foundation aims to support the success of interdisciplinary Kurdish contemporary art practices in the international arena and to create a space for young artists, especially in the United States, to exhibit their work. The Foundation also supports projects related to the archiving of Kurdish contemporary artworks and academic studies in this field.



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Our Foundation continues to host popular names of Kurdish music in the United States. The series of concerts, which started on April 21, 2023 in Washington DC with Diyar Dêrsimî (Hozan Diyar), continues with musicians who have achieved international success in the field of Kurdish music. The Serbest Foundation works to ensure that Kurdish music reaches a wider audience and to remove obstacles in this field.



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Kurdish New Year Party

Kurdish Music Tour

Xero Abbas & Hozan Diyar

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